Kiran Global Silica SA (Pty) Ltd


Vision & Mission


We strive to become a global organization in all our products and services through our dedication, team work and in partnership with our stake-holders, giving the best to all our customers.


• Nurturing commitment to quality and consistency as the key to sustainability
• To be the best in giving value for money to all our customers
• To provide opportunity to all our employees to achieve their highest potential
• To strive hard to retain the values
• To create infrastructure and logistics to support our customer needs
• To innovate and adopt latest methods for the satisfaction of our customers
• And above all be a Fair Trade Partner in business


The strength of the group will continue to be the stamp of class achieved in products manufactured and the processes practiced. In the coming years, the group will establish many other units both in India and overseas.

Steady addition to the product range will be the goal to multiply quantities in manufacture and trading. Committed to ratain the leadership status in the industry, the group would penetrate unexplored regions of the world in the years to come.

KIRAN GLOBAL CHEMS LIMITED, the manufacturing division, was started as a single product (Sodium silicate) venture. Now a multi product large-scale commercial operation with 32 manufacturing units, it contributes to 50% of the group's turnover. Most units are concentrated in the Southern parts of India, with a few units in the northern regions.

Growth in the number of manufacturing units has been brought about by a concomitant increase in the quantities manufactured. The largest manufacturers of Sodium and potassium Silicate in India, the MS JAIN GROUP, have touched the 300,000 tones per annum mark.

The current installed capacities of other products manufactured are 15,000 tonnes of LABSA and 25,000 tonnes of Potassium Silicate.

The state-of-the-art facilities along coastal towns aid easy access to ports. The facilities are equipped with warehouses, administrative machinery, quality assurance laboratories and are geared to scale up for large quantity requirements. The manufacturing units have earned a “Sigma 4” rating for their operational efficiencies.

The quality products manufactured by KIRAN GLOBAL CHEMS LIMITED are exported to several countries in the world, besides catering to the domestic market.