Based in Boksburg started in March 2011, by manufacturing Sodium Silicate and Potassium Silicate locally for the South African detergent industry. As the company grew so did the portfolio for the Sodium and Potassium Silicate grew, Apart from the detergent industry we are also supplying into ceramic, construction, water treatment and various other industries, producing 10,000 tons per month.

In 2012, Kiran Global Silica SA expanded the plant to become the 3 Local Caustic soda lye manufacturer.

2015, the p plant is being upgraded to store 10,000 tons per month and the expansion on the silicate is to ensure that water clear silicate is produced and the quantities to increase to 15,000 tons.

Kiran Global Silica SA strive to give the best service delivery to its customers, ensuring quality and competitive pricing. Having only 35 people in the South African plant alone the operations runs smoothly and have landed big contracts.

Currently Kiran Global Silica SA is not just a chemical manufacturer but in the year 2014 became a versatile chemical trader. Mainly trading in Soda ash dense and light, Caustic soda flakes and Sodium sulphate. The list of trading items are increasing as the division is spreading it wings the products increase.

Kiran Global Silica SA strives to meet the Customer needs and will ensure that all deliveries is made as promised and that customer satisfaction is met. Even if the product is not on our trading list we will ensure to source it for the Customer, having the advantage of various plants in different areas globally, the products landing is competitive and have good quality.

Measures have been put in place to ensure that when a chemical is imported the correct product is shipped and have personnel at each port investigating the shipments.
KIRAN GLOBAL CHEMS LIMITED which started with the manufacture of a single product, Sodium Silicate for making detergents has increased manufacturing quantities multifold through several manufacturing units. The industrial usage in various applications has also widened. The 3,00,000 tons mark has been touched making it the largest manufacturers of Sodium Silicate in India and that has been achieved through the network of 32 manufacturing units spread across India.

Subsequently, the product range expanded to include other chemical intermediaries for detergent manufacture. The industrial usage in various applications has also widened. Versatile products were aggressively marketed leading to their usage in several other industries - building construction, paper, foundries, paints, ceramics, candles, textiles to name a few. The current installed capacities of other products manufactured are 10,000 tonnes of LABSA and 25,000 tonnes of Potassiun Silicate.

The quality products manufactured by Kiran Global Chems Limited are exported to several countries in the world, besides catering to the domestic market. The company has a dedicated in –house engineering team for fabrication and erection of plants & machineries and technically trained personnel to ensure that only quality products are supplied to customers. To support the above, the organization operates with over 600 direct employees and 300 indirect employees.

Every unit is fully functional with excellent infrastructure and laboratory facilities.